A Blank Page

  • So, how did you feel when you were sitting in a plane ready to move from your home country? – I glanced inside my soup, wondering if I was asking my colleague or myself
  • Amazing! I mean, I felt like I was a super hero! Can you imagine? Me, from this small town, going to live in New York City!

It’s been seven months since that day. Not since the day I made that question, but since the day I took a plane and left the security nest of my family and friends. I still have a place that I call home, where I no longer live; and I place where I live that I cannot call home because is not mine. And I am not a super hero, but I have had to learn to save myself more often than I ever expected.

A blank page. A new opportunity to write new words, yet none has slipped from my fingers to the public since then. Same goes with the photography. Dust is covering my loyal camera while I ramble from the streets of a new story, still uncertain about my whereabouts 85% of the time and the other 15% too.

You’ll see. This is the fun part of being a foreigner. You are not from here, you don’t know the rules and you have no clue what’s going on. All the learning you did until setting foot in a new spot can turn into steam.  Overall, it’s not a bad thing. You learn to accept you are not supposed to Know It All, you learn to have more Faith, you need to Walk opening more your Eyes and your Senses to the surroundings just because your survival -emotional, physical, mental- it’s engaged.

How do you end up doing something like this? Susie Moore wrote about the reasoning behind these Bold Moves (and yes, you can be scared for real when you do this).

So, a blank page six or seven months later… Experiences about relocating just like a plant is placed in a new pot; excluding the fact this one has hands, feet and did changed herself to another spot. Maybe a plant is not the most engaging metaphor if you compare it with a super hero… But not all of us are all guns and super powers, and perhaps being a plant is not bad at all! Yes, it needs to adjust to sun and humidity, again, several times. It can lose its flowers, it can get leafs greener or yellowish, but if you do have patience even the dummiest of the plants on Earth can flourish again. It turns out it’s not dead, it was just adapting. So here it is, to all the Orchids in the World!